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SHIFT Coaching and Consulting, is a specialised boutique company where clients are in the centre! It supports leaders and people to lead a better life, personally and professionally.

I work with people who have a genuine desire to leave the world in a better place than we found it.

I focus on Executive Coaching through a transformative shift approach. I help people feel more at peace, experience greater clarity about the future and deepen relationships within themselves and others. I encourage the conversation around what is possible. I help you to go beyond what you know about yourself, and the world you inhabit so you can begin to connect to who you can be.

SHIFT also offers leadership learning and development and Human Resources management in particular for the Luxury Hospitality Industry.

At SHIFT we believe  that as human beings we are fully capable and resourceful individuals who at time needs support to better understand ourself and the world around us.



At times, we are just stuck. Stuck with no way out or so it seems. Sometimes we just need someone kind to put a spotlight on what we are saying, how we are reacting to the world around us and how we have ended up with some assumptions that may very well be limiting us.

In situations like this the worse thing is for someone to tell us how we should feel or how we should react or how we should behave. What we probably need is someone who allows us to explore and figure out why or how we have come to where we are today, and more importantly this someone allows us come to a conclusion ourselves on how to move forward and not having them come with a forced down idea of what some one else believes or thinks is the right reaction or way to go about the world.

I help you to unlock and unleash the power within you. Contact us

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